Friday, August 1, 2008

Trafalgar Route 66 Tour Group at The Sandhills Curiosity Shop

YouTube: Rowdy bunch riding the Trafalgar Route 66 tour lands in The Sandhills Curiosity Shop for their own redneck experience.

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Anonymous said...

During our stay at the Sandhills Curiosity Shop with Harley and Annabelle, they warmed us up to the hilt with Off-Color stories, and humor, and then graced us with a most wonderful Love Song. They cordially invited us to their home, The Redneck Castle, and it was just as unbelieveable as their Sandhills Curiosity Shop. Harley and Annabelle are two treasured Route 66 Icons that are just priceless. In our opinion a Route 66 trip is not a Route 66 trip without stopping to see Harley and Annabelle "The Mediocre Music Makers" at the Sandhills Curiosity Shop (Absolutely Unbelieveable) in Erick, Oklahoma!!!