Friday, August 1, 2008

More Scandinavians at the Sandhills Curiosity Shop!

YouTube: Another group of Scandinavians getting a good dose of Insanity At Its Finest!

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Hillary said...

Harley and Annabelle, finding you and watching you bring joy and entertainment to so many people help lighten a very heavy load that I am carrying. I`m sure many people have tried to put into words how you make them feel by merely being yourselves, but you have helped me, made me laugh, smile when I had been crying for days, made me realize that dreams do come true and in many ways made me see light when the road was turning blacker as I went.
I tell everyone I see about my experience at the Sandhills Curiosity Shop in Erick, OK!
See Rednecks Work and Play in Their own environment!
Insanity at its Finest!!!

Thanks again, Harley and Annabelle!