Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Redneck Chronicles: WELCOME!

Hey gang, no matter where in the world you're from, you are all welcome to Harley and Annabelle's Blog and we would love to hear your comments on The Redneck Chronicles. It's an honor to have you drop by!


David and Friends said...

Coming over from the UK, Harley and Annabelle, you just made our trip. We`re coming back to the states again and you will definitely be on our agenda!
A trip down the Mother Road is not complete without you two!

Bridgette said...

Harley and Annabelle, sorry we missed you. We came by just after sun up. The Sandhills Curiosity Shop is one amazing photo opp!!!
We will be back next year, Bridgette and friends from France

Harley Davidson of Brazil said...

Harley and Annabelle, we`ve dreamed of meeting you for several years, and today we got the Harley and Annabelle Experience!

You`ve made our dreams come true!

Carina said...

Everyone on the Route told us we had to stop and see Harley and Annabelle, we did and had ONE unforgettable experience!
Thanks for everything Harley and Annabelle!
Carina and group from Sweden.

Olga and Arvey said...

In Erick, Oklahoma there`s only one place to stop...The Sandhills Curiosity Shop, the home of Harley and Annabelle, or the Redneck Castle which is their house!!!

Olga and Arvey, Norway

Jeff and Marty said...

Harley and Annabelle, "The Mediocre Music Makers"!
We fell for it hook line and sinker, Boy did they fool us!!!

Jeff and Marty

Rena said...

Harley and Annabelle, You`re the best reason we know of to travel Route 66!!!

LOVE, Rena and all the Harley bunch!

cindybsmith said...

Can't wait to meet you two....we've missed you the last couple of years when our group has come your direction with Harley's brother leading the way. We're really looking forward to it!!!

Tammy said...

Just last week we were with Harley and Annabelle in Erick, Oklahoma with the French tour group that was there. We appreciate the fact that they let us join in on the fun! Wish we could have stayed there forever, but we will be back with a group of our own.